Solutions that ROK!

Merchant Accounts, Prepaid Card Programs, Mobile Money, High Risk Acquiring & Gateway Services...

ROK is a leading provider of payment solutions and prepaid cards. We provide world class solutions for consumers, businesses and governments.

Merchant Acquiring

ROK Payment Solutions is a Merchant Services Provider, providing Card Acceptance Facilities to Businesses Worldwide. We offer a number of services and benefits, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of your Business. We understand that all Business are different. Different sizes, industries, and customer requirements. Therefore we have ensured that for every type of Business, we have a solution to suit.
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Prepaid Card Programs

If you are a business or organization looking to create your company’s own branded or co-branded prepaid card, look no further!
You can tailor your offering with additional benefits to make it more relevant to your existing relationship with the customer. Discount networks, transaction rewards, point schemes and in store benefits can all be blended into your payment card proposition.
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Gateway Services

We provide a single integrated solution that gives our customers the flexibility to accept any card in any country via any acquirer through any channel.
We can provide access to PCI-compliant payment gateways and sophisticated risk management tools to guarantee secure online payment transactions, alternative payment solutions, direct debit and international merchant accounts.
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