Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

co-branded prepaid cardsCO-BRANDED PREPAID CARDS


Co-branded prepaid cards are a great ambassador for your brand. ROK ensures that your co-branding opportunity will be ultimately successful. Co-branded card programs are available from as little as £2000*

The following examples highlight just a few industries where co-branding solutions are particularly interesting.

  • Media industries, such as TV and radio stations
  • Gaming companies
  • Network marketing companies/MLM
  • Companies in the entertainment and telecommunications industries
  • Financial service providers
  • Sport clubs (e.g. football clubs, that would like to provide their fans with a specially-designed team card)
  • Corporate consulting firms an partnerships
  • Cities and municipalities (e.g. CityCards)
  • Marketing and e-commerce companies (as al special highlight to gain separation from the competition)
  • Internet portals
  • Manufactures (as customer cards)
  • Tourist industry and hotel chains (e.g. issuing TravelCards)


ROK Payment Solutions is 100% committed to accompany you throughout all stages of your Prepaid business development, making your entrance into the marketplace as smooth as possible. No other Prepaid solutions provider can offer the vast array of products, services and experience needed to begin your Prepaid Card journey or to drive your current Prepaid Card program to the next level.



*Subject to approval by the relevant scheme

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