High Risk Merchant Account

A high risk merchant account from ROK Payment Solutions.

Risk-300x225We can help your business by providing a high risk merchant account. With our many years of specialist knowledge we are able to place High Risk and Offshore Merchants with payment solutions incorporating the latest anti-fraud protection and chargeback reduction programs.

By focusing on the individual merchant, we can provide the lowest possible discount rates with no hidden fees for a high risk merchant account.

Have you been refused by other providers?
Let us help you become compliant and give you the merchant account your business deserves!

  • A direct merchant account with unique descriptor.
  • Lowest possible discount rates, transaction fees, and reserves
  • Unlimited sales volume
  • Virtual terminal API interface payment gateway
  • Multi-currency options.
  • Settlement twice a week to your existing business bank account.
  • Recurring Billing.
  • Transaction Testing Environment provided.
  • Professional support and service.
  • AVS, CVV2, 3Dsecure, Geo-IP Match
  • Ongoing Risk Management Services to avoid and reduce chargebacks and fraud

Be trading within 72 hours from application*

chargebacks1ROK Payment Solutions looks beyond a simple business type classification to work individually with each merchant  to identify the underlying causes of charge-backs and produce charge-back mitigation strategies to lower the risk of charge-back and reduce processing costs.


 A high risk merchant account
is only a call away!


*Subject to providing at the time of application acceptable KYC documentation and processing history


  1. Ryan

    Are your merchants losing their MID’S due to high CB? Are you tired of churning accounts?


    Virtual Card Bank provides virtual prepaid MC and Visa cards. These cards are used by merchants for customer incentives and rewards which has a substantial impact on lowering the overall CB % for your merchants. This gives them the ability to process more volume and for longer periods of time thus making you a lot more $$$$.

    We have a total of 26 BINS covering both Visa and MC and are able to issue cards in the following currencies:

    We have many Domestic and International Acquirers, PSP’s and Agents using our service on a monthly basis. The price for this service varies by the number of cards that you order and the number of transactions per card.

    Our team is confident we can add value to your business. Please call or email to set up a time to explore partnership opportunities.

  2. Sam Lee

    Can you settle into singaporean banks?

  3. Rasmus Tyler

    The majority of our payments are MoTo (over the phone), and we’re looking for a reliable long-term partner to help us achieve our business goals.

    Business related services:
    *Company incorporations
    *Business cards
    *Company logos / Trademark registration
    *Bank introductions
    *Websites / Marketing services

    If you can offer us a high risk virtual terminal, let me know!

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